Planned Maintenance – Auto Electrical Systems

Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, and Latent Fault Detection to Increase Your Fleet’s Reliability and Reduce Overall Running Costs
Modern trucks and other heavy-duty, commercial, and industrial vehicles are very reliant on electrical systems to function properly. One unexpected electrical fault and you could end up with a vehicle standing in your yard that won’t start. Or even worse, standing on the side of the road or at a job site, unproductive, losing you money, and at risk.

Planned Maintenance

With several electrically powered major components, over a kilometre of wiring, and a multitude of relays, sensors, and fuses present, it’s only a question of time before something wears out, burns out, or blows out.

Don’t wait until something breaks. Maintaining your vehicle’s auto electrical system is an essential part of its overall health. Many breakdowns can be prevented by regular inspections and repairing worn or faulty components and wiring as they are spotted.

Although we focus on and specialise in repairs to trucks and other heavy-duty and commercial vehicles and equipment, we will also do preventative maintenance work on light motor vehicles (bakkies and cars) for fleet operators and corporate businesses as required.

We offer a variety of inspection and planned maintenance options. Speak to us about putting together a customised auto electrical preventative maintenance plan to make sure your vehicles start every day and keep running.

Key Benefits to Scheduled Maintenance of Auto Electrical Systems

More Reliable Fleet
Less Risk of Breakdowns and Downtime
Better Optimized Vehicle Usage

Reduced Fuel Consumption

More Productivity

Increased Operational Lifespan of Vehicles

Lower Overall Maintenance Costs

And most importantly…

More sleep for you – don’t lay awake at night wondering when one of your vehicles is going to break down due to a preventable auto electrical fault

Key Benefits